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The new concept in construction residential and commercial

The most prevalent bathroom trend in bathroom remodeling is to make it bigger. These remodels can include knocking out walls to create more space in bathroom size. Bathroom design is about maximizing the use of that space. Various luxury shower installations are extremely popular.

Everybody wants to have a quality shower experience. Double shower heads can maximize space and give you a total shower. Separate shower and tub installations and two-person showers are also popular for large bathrooms. Whirlpools provide therapeutic massage, but with the vertical spa you get a full-body massage in your shower stall. Water jets are aligned vertically along the wall.

High-end vertical spas come with several adjustable settings and can be customized to any specifications. The best way to maximize space is to remove excess furnishings and build cabinets on walls to enhance the floor space.

Bathroom remodeling can enable you to install a small shower stall in a half bath or you can install the separate shower and bathtub in a larger bathroom space.