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Kitchen Remodeling

One way to give your kitchen a new look is to change your cabinets. There are several options available, the most expensive way would be to replace the cabinets completely. But, if your cabinets are well-made and in good condition, you may want to reface your cabinets which involves applying a new wood veneer to the cabinet bases and installing new doors and drawers.

Professional cabinet refinishing is the most inexpensive way to give finish your cabinets. One idea is to combine painting and staining in different areas of the same kitchen cabinets, or stain in two different colors.

Kitchen Design

During kitchen renovation if your kitchen is being gutted, you might be without a kitchen for a week or so. Your kitchen will be filled with cabinet makers, plumbers, electricians and countertop contractors. Move all of your food and cookware, dishes and silverware to another location in your house while they are working there and keep your pets and their food and water out of the kitchen as well.

It’s best to stay in a hotel or go on vacation while they are renovating. Move everything of value that can be damaged someplace safe. If you have a tile floor or a hardwood floor, lay down a carpet pad since contractors will be moving and using heavy objects that can mar a finished floor.

Kitchen Design


Kitchen Remodeling


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